Our Products

HT&P Fittings

OPS offers a complete range of fittings that enables operators to perform interventions on all kinds of pipelines or tanks without shutdown.

HT&P Valves

OPS valves improve safety and efficiency when conducting tapping and plugging operations on in-service pipelines or tanks.

Drilling & Tapping Machines

OPS uses and distributes TDW Drilling & Tapping Machines to make every Hot-Tap in a safe, efficient and cost effective way.

Line Plugging Machines

TDW patented Line-Plugging systems help operators to isolate in-service pipelines in a safe and reliable way.

Pigging Products

Pigging technology is not limited to Cleaning your pipeline, Pig-Signalers, Quick activating Closures and other tools are inventive solutions that makes your pigging successful.

Pipeline Rehabilitation Products

When pipes get damaged, a quick intervention with a temporary or permanent Rehabilitation product or Solution may keep your pipeline Onstream.