Case study: Single Position ProStopp™ Intervention

17th january 2022

  1. Case:

In the Belgian province of Antwerp, we had some difficulties to carry out a classical Shortstopp® 275 intervention on a 12″ pipeline. The cause of this difficult intervention was a large ovality present on the 12″ pipeline. Thanks to the experience and expertise of our OPS operators, we were nevertheless successful in this job. A few weeks later, we were asked to perform another intervention on the same pipeline.

  1. Solution

Recently, OPS invested in a 12″ ProStopp™ equipment which is universally applicable on 12″ pipes and insensitive to ovality. In the new intervention request we saw a perfect application for our new hydraulically activated double block and bleed equipment. (ProStopp™)

  1. Job execution

After the Hot-Tap was performed, it was time for the “moment supreme”. The ProStopp™ machine was placed on the pipe and after the “chip sweep” action, the ProStopp was installed and activated onto the pipe. After activating the Plugging Heads, the hydraulic pressure did not drop and we could test whether we had achieved a good sealing in the oval pipe.

Through the internal bleed port, we could check the sealing on both plugging heads.

The result was perfect! 100% seal on both primary and secondary plugging head.

The pipe was drained and after 2 OPS cold cuts, the customer carried out the necessary welding. After welding, the hydraulic pressure was released and the ProStopp™ was removed without any issues. All that followed was a successful completion to finish the job.