Our Services

With our Hot-Tapping offering we can safely make connections into your in service pipelines for all kinds of applications.

Our lightweight and versatile low pressure equipment is easy to operate for most pipeline isolation applications in the industry or distribution networks.

The TDW STOPPLE® and STOPPLE® Train technology is known worldwide by all pipeline operators  and can accommodate virtually every diameter, wall thickness and material.

Pipe freezing is a non-intrusive isolation technique that once the freeze is achieved can withstand very high differential pressures and provides a reliable and effective seal.

Anytime when performing pipeline isolations OPS provides Cold Cutting and weld preparation services as a convenient add on service.

Whether it’s about a temporary repair or replacement of your pipeline, OPS has the right solutions to keep your pipelines Onstream.

Ops can help you with Smart Pigging Solutions to minimize risks, reduce costs and ensure the long term integrity of your pipeline.

To minimize the number of contractors on site we can offer you Turnkey Project Management Services for our Hot-Tapping & Isolation services.