Case Study: Rerouting Gas Supply

24th till 27th February 2020


A Belgian customer contacted us for rerouting a production factory’s gas supply. The customer was supplied with gas over 2 pipes of which one was located in a sold industrial estate and had to be removed for new buildings. Shutdown of the factory would be very costly.


After a site visit and a short meeting, the decision was made to remove one of the gas supply pipelines without shutting down the factory’s production. The solution we agreed to consisted of 2 Spherical 3-Way Tee, a new connecting pipeline and a double Shortstopp operation. To lower customer project load, OPS included welding services within the project cost.

Job execution

Day 1:

To provide a safe and well known enviremont for welding and shortstopp operations, day 1 was dedicated to measuring pipelines and wall thicknesses. To take exact measurement, a specilialised contracter came on-site with OPS assistance.

Day 2:

OPS assisted a welding contractor on-site to weld-in shortstopp and hot-tapping fittings. As mentioned above: 2 spherical 3-Way Tee’s were placed. Additionally two Welding Fittings were installed to provide a pressure relief and a second position to ensure a double block and bleed operation.

Day 3:

Two OPS operators came with the welding contractor on-site to perform final project operations. OPS Performed Hot-Tap & Shortstopp interventions on the welded fittings. Performing these interventions, the gas supply was redirected from two gas supplies to one gas supply which fed both pipelines past the TDW fittings.

To make sure the bleeded pipelinesection was completely clear, a additional similar intervention was performed at the gas supply cabin. When the bleeded pipe section was clear, the pipe was cut and end caps were welded to make gas leakage impossible.


Because of contractual issues, the end customer needed a quick and safe solution without shutdown of the factory’s production. The general feedback was very positive on work procedures and customer contact. An additional positive feedback aspect was the lead time of about 2 weeks from sales jobsite visit to finalizing job execution.